Our Tours & Activities

Paragliding / parasailing

Doing paraglide is not an extreme sport. Paragliding is actually very relaxing and should be viewed as a leisure activity. No experience is needed and you do not need to do anything.any work.
Duration: Nan
Price: 60.00€


Jet skiing

Control your own adrenaline level. Our range of new/modern Jet Ski’s here to provide the ultimate thrill ride. One & two person Jet Ski’s available.
Duration: 15 Minutes
Price: 40.00€


Water skiing

Water ski tends to become fashionable in recent years and it is quite normal, as it is one of the most spectacular sea sports for children and adults.
Distance: over 2.5 miles
Price: 40.00€



Challenge yourself by balancing in the air with a water powered Jetpack, strapped to your back. Feel the ultimate experience of flying above the sea.
Price: 50.00€


Crazy sofa

Riding the crazy sofa is thrilling and fun. Hold on tight as it lifts and bounces, sit next to family and friends whilst speeding across the waves of Banana Bay.
Distance: over 2 miles
Price: 15.00€


Flying fish

The most exciting thrill ride. One of our most popular in speed and exhilaration. Aerodynamically designed to give the maximum adrenaline rush.
Duration: Over 2 miles
Price: 20.00€


Banana boat ride

Seating between 3 and 20 persons, “’The Timeless Classic”’ is always a crowd pleaser. You’ve been there, done it, yet still do it again and again. So do it at the one and only Banana Beach.
Duration: over 2miles
Price: 10.00€



THRILLS, SPILLS, LAUGHTER AND FUN. Our personal favourite. No person comes off unhappy. Lay on your stomach and simply hang on. Will you be the only one left on the slider ? Speed can be varied for small family members.
Over 2. miles
Price: 15.00€


Ringo ride

Try hang on to our Ringo’s (an update on the old doughnut shape), but still a favourite hang on whilst being dragged along by our powerful speed boat.
Duration: over 2 miles
Price: 15.00€


Wake boarding

WAKE BOARDING Fancy trying water skiing on a single board then try Wakeboarding. One for the water skiers amongst us.
Duration: over 2.5 miles
Price: 40.00€


Knee boarding

KNEE BOARDING Kneeboarding, a simplified version of water skiing but on a single board and on your knees
Duration: over 2.5 miles
Price: 40.00€



Relax, pedal, exercise your legs, sunbathe, swim, at a leisurely speed with our Pedalos. Explore Banana Bay being your own captain.
Duration 1 hour
Price: 20.00€



CANOE Canoeing : nο explanation needed. SuitabIe for one or two persons. Just remember your arms are your form of power.
Duration 1 hour
Price: 10.00€



TWISTER, NEW! The Twister, a new ride added to our collection. Feel the G-forces as you are whisked along twisting and turning perfect for families and children!
Duration: Over 2 miles
Price: 15.00€



Try the SUP, the new fashionable way to glide through the water, now in Zakynthos, SUP one for those who have balance and stamina.
Price: 10.00€


BEST VALUE DEAL: minimum 4 people

3 fun activities for 35 euro per person - includes Crazy Sofa & Slider & Twister
Price: 35.00€


EXTREME DEAL : minimum 4 people

3 extreme rides for 50 euro per person including Jet Ski (double) & Fly Fish & Slider
Price: 50.00€


FAMILY DEAL : minimum 4 people

3 rides for 40 euro per person including Jetski (double) & Crazy sofa & Banana
Price: 40.00€


TOP DEAL : for 1 person

our top 3 activities for 120 euro in total including Paragliding (double) & Jet Ski (double) & Crazy sofa or Slider
Price: 120.00€


LOW BUDGET DEAL : for 2 people

3 activities for 75 euro in total including Jet Ski (double) & Slider or Crazy Sofa & Canoe (1 hour)
Price: 75.00€


THRILL DEAL : for 2 people

3 activities for 125 euro in total including Jet Ski (double) & Paragliding (double) & Fly Fish
Price: 125.00€


TOP DEAL : for 2 people

120 euro (normally 150 euro) including Fly board & Jetski (single) & Parasailing
Price: 120.00€



3 activities for 95 euro in total including Jet Ski (triple) & Crazy Sofa & Pedalo (1 hour)
Price: 95.00€


GIANT DEAL - 5 activities !!!

Paragliding (double) & Jet Ski (double) & Crazy Sofa & Fly Fish & Pedalo(1 hour)
Price: 80.00€


GIANT DEAL - 2 activities

for 2 people 85 euro per person including Jet Ski (triple) & Crazy Sofa & Pedalo (1 hour)
Price: 95.00€